Self-Appointed Sweets Critics

This is definitely the time of year for getting all you can out of the glam in glamping. We would be totally remiss if we went home next summer not having tested out all the hot chocolate possible, so we are getting started.

With the shortening days and the temps dropping, it would be easy for these Southern Californians to stay holed up in the flat, but whenever we are out and about and looking at all the extremely beautiful lights and shop windows, and we feel part of the energy of the people on the streets, it makes me so happy to be here right now.

It always feels good to have a reason to go out into the city, and now that we have a goal to try as many of the aforementioned heiße schokoladen as we can, we are taking our task quite seriously. It started with the Honold Schoggi Tram’s hot chocolate.


Then we tried the Honold chocolate at their conditorei for H’s birthday where H had the Mayan version with great spices, while I had the regular cup.


Last Sunday we tried a small place – Cafe Weggen.


Yesterday we went into the Sprüngli cafe.

IMG_4254The jury is still out since we still have a list of at least three more places to try (and to perhaps return to some of these, just to make sure, of course).

On a similar note….

It is also important to try out local specialities. When we were in Zug this weekend, we had to try out the local Zuger Kirschtorte. Zug is known for making this cherry liquor, and this sponge layer cake makes good use of this local specialty. We thought we would enjoy sitting in Albert Meier while we waited for the James Turrell lights to come on in the train station, but it had closed. However, a nice note on the door said that you could buy the torte in a certain store at the train station, and, sure enough, you could. We took it home.

Imagine H’s disappointment when, after carefully carrying the box all the way home on his lap and up the hill, he opened it to discover that torte is not synonymous with chocolate. However, he did manage to choke down his share of the torte.



2 thoughts on “Self-Appointed Sweets Critics

  1. Don’t forget Café Felix, at the Bellevue! Their home made, rich chocolate squares as a meal – and the place itself is a sight to see!

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