Weather at the End of Autumn

Yesterday morning I had to take this picture when I could. For a short while, it was confirmed that the sun still exists! I had not seen it for 16 days in a row. I had heard that November could be one of the grayest months here, but it wasn’t terribly gray all the time until the last week. Last year November had two very cold weeks where the water in the public drinking fountains froze, but we have not had that kind of weather so far, so I won’t complain. IMG_4268 I have been waiting for the huge tree outside our building to lose all its leaves so we can have a better view of the mountains across the lake (ok, they are big hills, really), and after the leaves turned, I thought they would fall right away. Here’s what it looked like Nov. 26, which was pretty much what it looked like for the entire month. Nov26 After our lovely moment of sun yesterday, the winds came up and started going to town on the tree. It is not usually windy here, and some of the leaves still decided to hang on to their branches. But the view is slowly emerging. Dec11

Then, after the wild winds yesterday, we woke up to this beautiful view this morning! Blue skies and even more leaves blown away.


I am counting down until the days start getting longer again. The winter solstice in nine days means that the sun will rise at 8:10 and set at 4:38. That makes almost 8.5 hours of daylight. I know that friends of ours who have spent sabbaticals way north of here experienced more extreme swings in the daylight hours, and I have empathy for the people who live in Scotland and Denmark at this time of year. We are near the same latitude as Seattle.

I think that the real reason for all the beautiful Christmas lights at this time of year is to chase away the possibility of dark depression.


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