Art at the Club

Every two months the art that graces the walls of the big room at the American Women’s Club changes – our own private art show. I think there is often a small opening reception for the artists to mingle with the admirers, but I have not been to one. However, the two artists of the current show gave the talk at our monthly coffee on Friday.

Here are two paintings of the Walensee by Tom Reed. I recognized them from our hike there.


Here Tom is talking about this larger landscape from the Rigi looking at Pilatus. We must get to Rigi to see the views over Lake Lucerne. Tom is not only an artist, he is also an art teacher and a book author/illustrator. You can see his books here.


This is one of Paul Smith’s works. Both Tom and Paul are Brits who met after moving to Zürich.


Paul not only paints these rather misty, nebulous works, but he also has portraits (of which I did not get a photo).



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