Free Tour of Zürich

We have been in Zürich for four months, already! I feel time just slipping away… So we decided to pretend to be new tourists on Saturday and take one of the Free Walking Tours offered in English. The weather was beautiful, so we just couldn’t resist.

Our tour guide was a young Italian woman who is doing an internship in architecture in Zürich. As I had hoped, we learned a few new things about our current home city.

The Lindenhof – a hill next to the river which was the original Roman fortress of Zürich, back when it was called Turicum – has a replica of a 2nd century Roman tombstone (the original is in the Landesmuseum) which bears the word Turicum (or Turic) as seen in the top row of the second photo.

IMG_6785 IMG_6786

I had never noticed this painting on a building showing the old town.


These kinds of paintings helped describe a house’s location before street names and numbers. This one has a picture of a Moor.


Here is the place where Lenin lived in 1917.


The Caberet Voltaire – birthplace of the Zürich Dada movement.

IMG_6801 IMG_6802

This shop maintains the bordello facade of past days.


This was the home of Konrad Grebel – co-founder of the Swiss Brethern movement.


The building is now a theater.


Also, I had never seen the four singing Santas in Zürich…


The tour was definitely worth it, and even though it is free, the guides work for tips, which we gladly gave her.


One thought on “Free Tour of Zürich

  1. I’ve attended one of Free Walking tours in Zürich previous fall and I really liked it. I’ve learned so many new and interesting things about Zürich and its heritage. Was a day well spent.

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