OMEL and Raclette

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.25.52 PM

One thing about being away from home is that during December we attend fewer holiday functions, which is fine, but I do miss a nice get-together and a chance to socialize.

This is our first sabbatical where the research group (OMEL-Optical Materials Engineering Laboratory) not only had a Christmas dinner, but combined it with another research group (whose acronym or name we don’t remember) for a large, festive, raclette-eating event.

This view of the long table shows only two of the six or seven raclette machines. At first we had a hard time using them all simultaneously because the fuses kept blowing, but once they were all heated up and running, things ran very smoothly.


Here are some of the cheeses just melting and ready to pour over the items on the plate.


Here is my plate. There is cheese at the top of the photo over some peppers, while the potatoes, mushrooms and pearl onions wait patiently for their turn. The wooden scraper is at the bottom right.


I felt it more appropriate to take photos at a party than the last time we had raclette at our friends’s house.

The conversation was pretty darn fun, especially since I got to meet many of the people I have heard about – people from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Holland.


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