University of Zürich Paleontological and Zoological Museums

If my children were young and living with us, this is where we would spend many cold weekend days, at the UZH museums on campus. Both the Paleontological and Zoologic are in the same building, and they sort of run together, as you must walk through one to get to the other.


On the one hand, you get to see cool skeletons and fossils.

IMG_6812 IMG_6815

On the other hand you get to see lots of stuffed animals from all of the continents.


Some of the animals had this silver star attached.


This sign explains about the stars, although some of the words are hidden behind this star and are hard to read. Basically it says that the Christmas man has many animals helpers in the north. He has decorated them with these stars. If you go to the desk, they will give you an Advents quiz where you are to match up the animals you find with the stars and write them down on the quiz. I’m guessing that if you find them all you get something.


These museums are free, just as are the other UZH museums (like the Botanical Garden).


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