Café Schober Schoggi

Further adventures in Heiße Schokolade (or Schoggi).

Disclaimer: Although I have now been to Felix, I cannot blog about it yet because H was not with me, and I did not get any photos. Since he is my co-conspirator in this venture, I must give the chocolate there at least one more try….

So, today’s post is about Café Schober in the Niederdorf. This tucked-away Conditorei has several entrances, the main floor which leads to the room where you can buy pastries and goodies to go. If would be easy to just stand here and drool. Check out my links in this post for more photos.


Step up a level, and you enter the Salon Rouge. This dark, red-velvet space is all kitsched out for the season, and if you want to find a seat, I suggest a weekday morning.

IMG_4305 IMG_4306 IMG_4307 IMG_4309

Apparently they have live music here on some evenings, and if someone would have been playing the piano when we were there, it would have been within arms’ reach of our little table.

The Heiße Schoggi came in a generously-sized mug with a little nibble on the side. The sugar packets were on the table, but in other places, a sugar packet comes on the saucer, and I haven’t not figured out why. The chocolate is not overly sweet, but the added sugar would put you in a happy coma.


The chocolate was delicious, but we are still trying to decide which one is our favorite.


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