Heissi Marroni

In November the roasted chestnut huts started popping up all over the city, and yesterday we finally decided we must try out the warm treats. I had heard that the best one was across the street from the Opera House at the Stadelhofen Train Station, so we passed by a few others before we got to Toni Marroni.


I have a vague recollection of eating roasted chestnuts in Vienna long ago, and I remember them coming in a cone-shaped wrapped newspaper where your hands would be simultaneously warmed and blackened. I do not remember what they tasted like.

We went for the smallest size – 100 g for 3.5 CHF. That was about ten chestnuts. Five each.

IMG_4323 IMG_4324

Thank goodness the shells were easy to crack open since I didn’t quite remember how to eat them. They were softer than I thought they’d be, and they tasted fine, even if they looked a little like brains. I probably wouldn’t buy them every day, but it was a fun way to come up with blog fodder.

In Switzerland, though, the toasted nuts do not come wrapped in a paper cone, they come in a two-pouched brown bag. Those Swiss. They would never go for chestnut shells on the ground, so the second side of the bag is for disposing of the shells to keep the streets nice and tidy. The hardest thing to do, though, is to find a public trash can for the finished bag since those are few and far between.




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