The theme of this sabbatical has been Abenteuer (adventure). When we set out for something we’ve never done before, if we step a little tiny bit outside of our comfort zone, we say to each other, “Ready for our Abenteuer?”

The day had been dark and rainy, and in the afternoon the wind whipped up, and it did not look at all pleasant outside. But I wanted to go see candles floating down the Limmat. So, I put on a pot of chili on the warm setting so it would be ready when we returned. I bundled up and set out against the elements.

We chose a place along the Uraniastrasse Bridge, just downstream from where the children would be putting candles on little floats and sending them bobbling along. While waiting, I tried out various settings on the camera and took some city shots.


It took longer than I thought it would, but pretty soon I saw little lights upstream, toddling and winking slowly towards us.


There were kayaks going in and out through the candles.


Some of the lights had gone out, but I was surprised at how many were still going strong. The wind was dying down, and pretty soon I wasn’t feeling so cold.


After awhile we hiked up the hill to our warm chili.


Then I made a little movie which you can see here.


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