Swiss Humor

Our Pomona College friend, a Swiss man from Berne, told us, “The Swiss have no sense of humor. Except for me.”

I have found small instances of humor here. The top photo is the back of a billboard facing a sidewalk. The top sign says, “Posting of posters forbidden!” The bottom one says, “This is NOT a poster.” I mentioned this to someone, and they said that the Swiss people would tell you that it was probably an Auslander (foreigner) who did that.


Several days later, someone without a sense of humor must have had something to do with the removal of the non-poster. Too bad. This way looks messy.


The other day I came across the two statues at the University of Zürich, and someone must have thought they were cold, so there were some added touches.

IMG_6934 IMG_6935

The next day the bunny hats were gone. (This is why I always try to have a camera with me.)

I thought that this bird feeder near our flat was funny, but I’m not sure if it is considered a joke. It’s still there, after all.



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