Christmas Vacation

Apparently we were not the only people who thought that spending Christmas vacation in Prague and Budapest would be a good idea. I think I read somewhere that 50,000-60,000 tourists head to Prague for the holidays. Even though that number is smaller than during the summer months, there were still crowded streets at every turn.


People waiting for the clock to chime the hour in Prague Old Town Square.

At first we had thought we might go someplace warm for ten days, but winter warm in Greece or Italy is still not very warm, and it was not in our thoughts to go a long way since we did not want to fly. After a little internet research, and googling Europe for Christmas, I settled upon Prague, and a little more planning and thinking gave us the idea to add Budapest to our itinerary. Both cities were near the top of our list for this year, anyway, so this seemed a good time to go.

Neither of us had been in either place before. We were thrilled to visit two new countries.

The two cities have some similarities. Both have a wide river running right through the middle which require some lovely bridges.


The Charles Bridge over the Vltava River in Prague. The German name for the River is the Moldau.


The bridge in the foreground is the Chain Bridge in Budapest which crosses the Danube. The German word for Danube is Danube. (Okay, the German name for Danube is really Donau.)

Both cities have a hill on one side of the river (complete with church and castle) which is not only picturesque to look at from below, but affords great views over each city.





Both cities are quite European in that they have lots of statues, great architecture, lots of churches, and plenty of museums. Other than that, they are both completely different.


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