Ringing in 2015 in Zürich

Happy New Year!

Last night someone was tired, so he went to bed, but I don’t know how he slept. This is what happens. At 23.00 the church bells from all over start their ringing and ringing and ringing. You can hear people setting off fireworks, but they aren’t very visible. That goes on for about 15 minutes. Loud bangs continue.

At 23.45 the bells start up again, and fireworks are visible here and there – from Uetliberg Mountain, and all up and down the town. There is a brief break at 23.55 from the bells, and then at midnight it really gets going. There are high fireworks over the lake and the others in the city keep going.

I hear that over 200,000 people are outside in Zürich. Here are my photos, which aren’t very good. Here are some other people’s much better photos from last year.

IMG_7498 IMG_7505

If 2015 is half as good as 2014 was, then it will be a great year!


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