Epiphany, Three Kings Day, Dreikönigstag

We have now been home for twelve days and life has returned to what has become normal for us this year. H has spent a week back in the lab, I have gotten back into playing the violin and attending functions at the Women’s Club, reading and the daily grocery shopping, among other things.

And, what do you know, but there was yet one more holiday to celebrate. We call it Epiphany, and here (and in many other cultures) it is the Three Kings Day (Dreikönigstag) – the 12th day after Christmas on January 6. In this part of Switzerland, the cake/sweet bread that you bake, or buy from the patisserie or grocery store might look something like this.


Fancy Sprüngli version


The variety from the Coop – about $3. This one is the small version.

As you can see, it comes complete with the crown to be worn by the lucky person who gets the piece of cake/sweet bread with the small hidden king. Apparently the winner also gets to be the King or Queen for the day.

Somehow (wink, wink) I was the lucky winner, finding this queen (?) in my piece. That meant that I was queen for the day. H remarked, “How is this different from any other day?” Touché.


The next day we went to our friend’s flat, and the crown at her place was on her skeleton. Don’t ask.



3 thoughts on “Epiphany, Three Kings Day, Dreikönigstag

  1. Liebe Lovey Wymann, Ich bin sehr froh dass Sie mein Blog so gut finden. Aber vielleicht werde ich Ihre Fragen nicht in meinem Blog antworten. Ich schreibe für meine Freunden und Familie am meistens, und sie wollen nicht über blogging lesen. Aber, ich werde gerne die anderen Blogs in deine LiebsterAward List lesen. Danke für die Linken. Frohe Lesen!

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