Im Viadukt – Kreis 5

Last Saturday it was sunny and warm, and we were tromping around the castles of Bellinzona. Yesterday it was snowy/rainy and colder, so we thought it might be a good time to tromp to a new place in the city.

Zürich is divided into 12 Districts (Kreise). The Industriequartier, Kreis 5, sits tucked between the train tracks and the Limmat River and has been transformed from the gritty, seedy and drug-infested part of the city into a hip and trendy place. We’d scratched the surface in this area before, but the promise of shopping in the Viadukt lured us a little farther in.

From the outside it looks just like a viaduct (trains go over it, it doesn’t transport water, as I had thought).



Inside is an open Markthalle which feels as though it might be from any hip and trendy world city. You can buy flowers,


fresh-baked bread,



IMG_4541 IMG_4543

and British cheese (strange, in the mothership of cheese),


along with meats, wines and beers, specialty condiments, savory pies, and other delightful goodies. It also has clean restrooms as well as a sit-down restaurant.

For my friends back home, this is like Village West – transformed from industrial to cute shopping area. We will be back for more exploring on a sunnier day.


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