Fork & Bottle

Through the American Women’s Club, I had heard about the restaurant called Fork & Bottle, and when we wanted to meet some friends for a beer, they suggested we go there (since it is open on Sundays).

It’s not particularly far from our house, but the tram does not go by there, so we got to ride the S-Train (a commuter train) about 4 stops (6 minutes) from the HB.

It’s next to the Allmend parks which we had not yet seen, but if we had a dog, or if we were runners, we might have found this place early on. You can see that the snow from yesterday stuck to the hills, but not in the valley.


Next to the restaurant we saw these ponies and goats.


I’m sure this is a great place to sit outside in warmer weather, but we were glad that there were plenty of inside tables available (although we only needed one).

IMG_4572 IMG_4573

Knowing that the owner is American, I was not surprised to be greeted with a hello (not a Greutzi, mittenand) and an easy swing into English. The beer list is extensive, though most are bottled artisanal beers from all over the world, including a few local micro brews. Although you could buy some of these beers in Drinks of the World in Shopville for under $4, to have them served to you cold, in a glass (by very accommodating and friendly staff) will set you back over $10 a bottle. Now that’s a lot of ambiance!


One thought on “Fork & Bottle

  1. They do a very nice fish and chips, too! But I agree, prices are spicy!

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