Museum für Gestaltung

So, we managed to stretch our Kreis 5 exploration over the weekend with a Sunday trip to the Museum für Gestaltung (Design Museum). The current exhibition is 100 Years of Swiss Design which runs until February 8.

IMG_4549 IMG_4562

The exhibit has kindly posted its explanations in English as well as German, and the take-away message seemed to be: design and manufacture here take much hard work, and the quality must be held to the highest standards. Therefore it will cost a lot. That came as no surprise to me.

Throughout the exhibition hall we saw designs of furniture, toys, household appliances, dishes, and others things you might use from the 1910s to now.

Here is a chair made out of corrugated cardboard.


A close-up of cardboard chair.


Of course there were Swatches.


These ties were cute. From right to left you see toy soldiers, sea shells, birds, lemurs, and hedgehogs.


These clocks are what we see at the train stops.


Cute toys.


You can actually view part of the collection online, including things not currently on exhibition.

The museum is housed in the Hochschule der Künste (Zurich University of the Arts).


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