Reading through my blog from Claremont the other day, I read this post and gave a chuckle. I wrote, “I wonder what coffee shop will become our favorite in Zürich.” My favorite coffee shop has been my own kitchen this year for a few reasons. First, the price of coffee is rather high (it goes without saying), but also because we are decaf drinkers, and I know that is harder to come by in the coffee shops. I have found one brand at the Coop, so that is what we drink every morning.

Yesterday I met a group of women from the AWCZ for a local coffee klatch at the Fluntern Hausammann’s. The club has started organizing casual social meetings for women who live near each other. At this point, most of the women I know through the club live in a variety of places, some even more than 30 minutes outside of Zürich. With over 300 members, there are many friends I have not yet met….


Five of us had a lovely chat, and I used this outing as a chance to try more Heisse Schoggi. Of course, it is now another place I need to take H to, not only so he can test out the hot chocolate, but one of the women ordered a decaf cappuccino, so I’m guessing they serve other kinds of decaf. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your drink and a conversation, and next time I will also try one of their breads or other baked goods. Best part, it is across the street from my regular Coop, so it’s super easy to walk to.

We still have over six months to make it our favorite coffee shop in Zürich.


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