Madagascar Heisse Schoggi

It’s gray and cold (not the bitter cold of, say, Chicago), but enough cold that I still have to bundle up when I go out. The buildings are gray. The neon-colored running shoes have been replaced with cute boots, but the boots are black and brown. So when I think that the honeymoon phase with my relationship with Switzerland might be starting to fade, along comes Schwarzenbach.


Not even on our original radar for hot chocolate, we stumbled on this coffee shop in the Niederdorf yesterday morning. We could not order our usual zwei Heisse Schoggi, bitte because, because they have too many different varieties and we had to choose!

Not only that, the barista was about the friendliest face we’ve seen in a long time, and she was helpful in suggesting the which varieties we might like. We took her advice and ordered two of the Madagascar variety, then snuggled in close with another customer (well, not too close) and waited a moment for these little works of art to arrive looking like lattes.


The Madagascar chocolate is 64% cacao, and other varieties had more, and there is one with caramel that I think I must try next time. Because there must be a next time. A few several next times.

Not only was the barista friendly, but the other people in the small cafe were also smiling and chatted (a little bit, not too much, of course) with fellow customers. So, Switzerland, the honeymoon is still on.

One note about Swiss hot chocolate. If you think about the Swiss Miss variety that you get in a package in the US which has lots of sugar, this is nothing like it. It’s not especially sweet, so you get to enjoy the actual flavor of the cocoa.


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