Concert in the Bühlkirche

Last night the Orchesterverein Wiedikon gave our winter concert in the Bühlkirche. Here is what we played.


The Bühlkirche, a Reformed Church, built in 1895-6 in the Neo-Gothic style, was renovated in 1984. Bühl means hill, so it is literally a church on the hill.

We played to a full house. People were also sitting in the balcony.


Getting set up in front of the organ.


Some of the side windows.


Here is a picture from the internet from the outside. I did not have a chance to take one of these in the daylight.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.54.14 AM

Before we took our places to perform, our conductor gave us a few encouraging words, then said, “Toi toi toi!” which, apparently, is what one says before a performance, like “break a leg!”

The acoustics were bright as they often are in churches with high ceilings and lots of hard surfaces. The audience was enthusiastic, and we had already planned on playing an encore which was one movement from the Holst that we playing first. I think we definitely played it better as the encore since we were warmed up.


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