Immer Mehr Spaß mit Deutsch

Learning a language requires so many different elements, and I am finding out that reading German is probably the easiest thing for me to do. Writing is next easiest because I have time to figure out what I want to say, and then I can correct myself. Next is listening to the spoken language, although that really depends upon who is speaking. Some people are so clear, and some are not. Of course, speaking is the hardest part since I must create sentences quickly. Often I find myself saying a sentence twice. The first time is my rough draft, the second is the edited version which is more correct. To work on my listening skills,

I have occasionally taken to watching television shows that have been dubbed in German. At first I watched Unsere kleine Farm (Little House on the Prairie, although it translates directly as Our Small Farm).

Then I discovered Star Trek: Das nächste Jahrhundert (Star Trek: The Next Century). I had watched both of these shows in English, so I at least know what should be going on. I find that the spoken word is usually clear enough for me to get at least the gist of the meaning. IMG_4523 If you look at the schedule of shows here, you can see that shows may not start exactly on the hour or half hour. There are ads, but I think fewer ads than in the US, so each show may last more or less than 60 minutes. Star Trek starts at 14.15 and goes until 15.17. I also find it interesting which American shows have been imported. I haven’t seen many (if any) current shows.


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