Blitz Touring – Dinner in Bern

We had eaten our sandwiches and apples, so we had planned to stop in Bern, the Swiss Capital, on our way home for dinner. Several web recommendations led us to the Altes TramDepot a short bus ride from the Bern HB. It sits across from the Bärengraben, the old bear pit which doesn’t seem to have bears in it any more. Apparently there is a new BärenPark close to this place which is a better place for bears. Bears are on the city and canton coat of arms, a symbol of the area.

As usual, we went in without reservations, and they said that if we could be done in two hours, there was a perfect table for us. No problem.

We had this perfect view of the old city and cathedral from our table.


The Altes Tramdepot has four beers on tap, and we shared their flight of four. We enjoyed the two on the right the most. (The beer was not gross, as seen on the menu here. Gross means large, and it was referring to the size of the meal portions.)


I chose the Spätzli – pasta and cheese – with vegetables, while H enjoyed a Rösti – hash browns – with bacon, which came with a side of apple sauce.


We shared with each other and just enjoyed the experience of eating out in a Swiss restaurant since we rarely do that. After an hour, we gave them back their table and headed to the train station to come home. All-in-all, a great Blitz Touring Day.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 11.07.41 AM


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