Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Glampers! While wandering the streets of Zürich, I have noticed a few signs that this holiday exists, to some degree, here. You would think so with all the chocolate around here. And that’s where I’ve seen the most red heart-shaped boxes.

Like here

IMG_4674 And here


So, at Coop City in Bellevue I saw these displays all next to each other. This one was obviously for Valentine’s Day.

IMG_4656 This one is for Easter, despite the fact that it isn’t even Lent yet.

IMG_4657 Then this one threw me for a loop. Frog King? What Swiss holiday was I missing?

IMG_4655I came up with this answer – Valentine’s Day can be loosely associated with the Grimm Fairy Tale of the Frog Prince (or Frog King) since it has to do with kissing, I guess. I actually think it just has to do with selling more chocolate. And what is wrong with that, I ask?


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Charlotte, eat a piece of Teuscher chocolate for me- I just realized my favorite brand is made in Zurich!

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