More Heisse Schoggi

Before the weather decides to warm up, we thought we should make more of a continued effort in our hot chocolate tasting. A few weeks ago we tried out Cakefriends in the Niederdorf. During the week it was not even close to being crowded, so we nabbed a prime spot so we could people-watch while we tried out our drinks. Like many a hot chocolate we’ve had, it was not terribly sweet, and it was also not terribly thick, but there was plenty of it. Not that it was bad, but it didn’t make me jump up and down. Maybe if we’d paired it with some of the cake ….


We’d been saving Felix for a special occasion, and decided that Valentine’s weekend would be a good special occasion. The statue at the base of the curved staircase was all decked out for the occasion. Or maybe it’s always this way. Whatever the case, the decorations here are always over the top.

IMG_4717 IMG_4718

Even in the middle of a Sunday afternoon the place was pretty full, but we did manage to find a table in the back, and once the Schoggi was ordered, it came pronto.


This is what we think of as real hot chocolate – thick and creamy and sweet and very chocolatey. It did not need to be accompanied by a sugar packet, but we did get two glasses of water to help wash it down. This is one of my favorite Schoggi experiences, but I think I have to do a head-to-head with this, Cafe Schober and Schwarzenbach. Just to make sure, you know.


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