Die Hunde / The Dogs

Dogs (Hunde) are well integrated into Swiss society. It is not at all unusual to see them in stores, restaurants, cafes, and on the trains. Sometimes you don’t even notice if they are around since they seem to be so incredibly well-behaved.

I have already written about the water fountains with a special spot for doggie drinks.


You do have to buy a ticket for your dog to accompany you on the train. You can read the rules and pricing here. Basically you have to pay second-class half-fare, unless the dog is very small and fits (and stays) in a purse. You can have an all-day train excursion with your pet for *just* 35 CHF. If your friend accompanies you often, you can buy a yearly pass for 780 CHF.

Apparently, too, the dogs here are really, really smart and can read signs (in German) that are at their eye level, like this one. (Here you are not allowed to do this.) Well, okay, maybe the dogs can read the picture.



One thought on “Die Hunde / The Dogs

  1. We’re glad Touille’s small so she can ride for free! She just curls up in our laps or under our seats unless kids see her or someone makes eye contact. Then she stands at attention with tail wind milling in the hopes that they’ll say hi.

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