In honor of it being Sunday, I will write about ShopVille. In general, shopping is verboten on Sundays in Switzerland (and other Europen countries). Some restaurants are open, but if you run out of milk or bread, you are out of luck.

Not really. In actuality, if you can make it to the HB where there exists a giant 180-store subterranean shopping mall under the train station called ShopVille, you can get your bread and milk and much more. This place is open every day of the year and most stores are open until 20.00 or 21.00.

I can’t say we actually go to ShopVille on Sundays, though. We have gotten into the groove of getting our groceries on Saturday (which can be a total zoo), but we are glad that it’s open whenever we return from somewhere on a Sunday and know we need some basic food supplies.

The tricky part (for me) is knowing just where to come out of the nether regions to get where I want to go above ground, although I am getting better at it. H has it down, though, and he’s good about gently nudging me in the right direction.


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