Yes, I’ve been in Switzerland for six months, and I’ve had Rösti and Raclette, but I hadn’t had cheese fondue yet. While tourists eat it here year round, the Swiss eat it only in the winter, so it was high time that I got around to it before spring gets here. And, of course, since Lynn and I were in Gruyères, we thought that was a perfect place to have this traditional food. We wandered the town center (that took about 10 minutes) and read the various menus, but ended up choosing the restaurant with the best view. IMG_8626 IMG_8688 One can make fondue with various kinds of cheese, Gruyère (without the s, if referring to the cheese) being one of the main ones. Since the waitress did not speak much English (and thank goodness Lynn speaks a little French), I didn’t ask what kinds of cheese were in our bubbling pot, but I strongly suspect it was local. IMG_8629 IMG_8630 IMG_8628 The two things we had to dip into this gooey deliciousness were traditional – bread and potatoes. We could not finish it all – if we’d had a friend along we could have gotten to the very bottom. Apparently if you eat all of the melted cheese and get to the very bottom, you can scrape out the thin crust at the bottom (called the nun) and enjoy the end of the pot.


3 thoughts on “Fondue!

  1. My mother used to make Swiss fondue on my birthday. Yes, the browned cheese on the bottom was the best part!

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