How My Expectations Have Played Out

Before we moved here, I wrote a post about what I expected from sabbatical.  I have to say that I was right on about most of it.

People on the street aren’t friendly, that’s true. And they often invade your personal space. I have discovered, though, that if you tell the check-out person at the grocery store to have a nice day, that will elicit a smile.

Lots of gray skies. Check.

I was finally called out on breaking a rule. At a train station on the way to Gruyères we were looking for a way to get from the bus station to the train station (they are right next to each other). There are signs that say don’t cross the tracks, but I didn’t see another way of getting to our destination. On the way to Gruyères we walked across the tracks. On the way back we started to cross the tracks, and the guys in the reflective jackets yelled at us and wagged their finger back and forth. I took another look and saw the down ramp and hoped that it would lead to the bus stop. It did. Whew! If all I got was a wagging finger, then I’m good.

I’m good with the trash and recycling, except that I haven’t yet attempted to recycle the cardboard. I’m not sure how to tie up all the little pieces with the egg cartons, the tp rolls, etc. We have a closed staircase up to the attic that we never use, except for throwing the cardboard there.

Still flummoxed by Swiss German, but am getting better with some basic phrases and some of the numbers. Some days I can carry on a perfectly good High German conversation, depending on how clearly the other person speaks. Some days it’s hard.

The scenery is stunning, the prices are high (on many, but not all things), and I am usually on time (although not everyone is completely punctual here).

Before we leave, I will probably have a post about my repatriation expectations.


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