Stocker Heisse Schoggi

IMG_4796Spring is just around the corner. Rain is in the forecast more than snow. I have gone out without my down coat and only my fleece a few times. Time to buckle down and finish up with the heisse Schoggi comparisons. Truth be told, we have returned to some of our favorites – Schwarzenbach and Honold more than once.

Stocker is open on Sundays, so that was one vote in its favor. It’s easy to walk to and has plenty of seating. With your drink you get a little shortbread cookie in the shape of a heart (under the Caotina package in the photo). The Schoggi, however, left something to be desired. You get a cup of hot milk and you get to mix in your own powder. I’m sure there are better powders out there, so this one, so far, is our least favorite.

That is, least favorite in Switzerland which is still better than a Swiss Miss packet in the US.

When spring is truly here, I think we have to start making the rounds and comparing cappuccinos.


One thought on “Stocker Heisse Schoggi

  1. I remember the hot chocolate and pinwheel rolls for breakfast at the Austrian youth hostels.
    Maybe you can do a blog on those rolls and how you had to fess up at the end of the meal and pay for how many rolls you ate.

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