Daylight Savings – Wait, Not Yet!


Clock tower in Lucerne

For most of you Glampers, you are just starting your week of adjusting to Daylight Savings Time. Many of my friends curse the loss of an hour, but I always enjoy the change (once I get used to it) so that the daylight lasts longer into the evening.

In 2005, the US changed the traditional days for changing the clocks, from the end of March to the beginning of March, and then keeping DST one week more into the beginning of November.

In Europe, for the vast majority of the countries, it is still the end of March and the end of October.

What does that mean for sunrise and sunset in Zürich? On Saturday, March 28, 2015, the sun will rise at 6.14 and set at 18.49 – over 12.5 hours of daylight. Spring ahead, and the next day will start at 7.12 and the sun will set at 19.51 (almost 8:00 p.m.!). We have been getting an additional 3.5 minutes of daylight each day, and sometimes we even get sunshine with it!


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