Venice, Italy!

Stepping off the train and into the city of Venice was one of those delightful moments when you say “Ah! I’m here!” In so many cities it takes a little bit of getting away from the train station to orient yourself and to get a feeling of the place, but in Venice, you pour out of the station right on to the Grand Canal. (Well, onto the banks of the Canal.) Not only that, we were immediately greeted with sunshine and warmth. Immediate happiness.

Venice is just what you think it might be, only better if you are actually there. We looked at dozens and dozens of gondolas, but didn’t take a ride. Either you scrunch in with 6 people (many of them spending all their time taking pictures), or you spend the 80€ (or more) for two people for a 45-minute ride where you vie with all the other craft on the water. They were lovely to watch.


We did ride a vaporetto – the bus equivalent – to get to and from the train station. From here we saw our first of many examples of Venetian-style windows.


Venice is a small enough city that walking is the best way to get around. That is, if you don’t mind getting lost every 100 meters and looking at a map. Or just decide to wander. Over every bridge, into every city square (Campo), I was captivated with the views.

Here are some photos from the Rialto Market, just a 8-minute stroll from our AirBnB flat. Some of the seafood was so fresh that it was still squirming…

IMG_8779 IMG_8780 IMG_8782

Of course there are plenty of places to buy souvenirs, the most popular ones being masks and Venetian glass (some of the cheaper glass comes from China….)

And my one, very most important rule of going to Italy…. You must eat gelato every day.



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