Peggy Guggenheim Collection

“One church per city” does not apply to art museums, even though we only went to one in Venice. (How could one choose only one art museum in Vienna or Paris?) As modern art fans (you know, the good modern art), we chose the Peggy Guggenheim Collection which sits on the Grand Canal.

We went to college with someone in the Guggenheim family, we’ve been to the Guggenheim in NYC, we’ve heard about the Guggenheim in Bilbao. I did not know anything about Peggy, and this is some of what I learned.

She pretty much helped propel Jackson Pollack’s artistic career. Currently, one of the special exhibits is Pollack’s Alchemy (hooray, one of his paintings with a name and not a number!). It was recently restored since it had gotten quite musty, and the exhibit goes into depth about the kind of work it takes to clean such a work.

The museum graciously allows photography. (Ohne Blitz – without flash)


Alchemy detail


A 3D representation of the painting’s landscape


Actual Pollack paint cans and brushes



Here is a Pollack before he went all totally abstract


Also lovely was the sculpture garden – including a Giacometti

Inside were some of my favorite artists – including Calder (I did not photograph everything I liked…)

You can easily see the whole collection in under two hours at a leisurely pace which seems to be the right amount of time for me.


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