Canton Schwyz – Swiss Army Knives

One always thinks of watches, chocolate and cheese when Switzerland comes up, and then you say, “And there are those Swiss Army Knives, too.”

Since the factory for these handy devices is a 10-minute bus ride from Schwyz, how could we not stop by? Advertised as a Visitor Center, Museum and Factory Store, we were prepared to be wowed.

Let’s just say, though, that it’s a good thing that this was not our primary reason for heading into Schwyz.


First we went into the Visitor’s Center which had two movies to watch. One was interesting – about the making of the knives. The other just showed pretty pictures of the canton. The other room is hard to describe, but it didn’t really tell you much about the product/s. So we decided to try the museum which is conveniently located underneath the factory store.

The most interesting part of the museum was watching a man assemble his own knife. If you have an appointment you can do it, too. The woman who was helping him seemed to want to do most of it herself since it appears to be harder to do than one would think.

IMG_9133 IMG_9134

There was this little Story-Corner where you could choose a story about how someone used a Swiss Army Knife to save their life. Kinda cheesy.

IMG_9138Victorinox sells a variety of items, not just knives, and we perused their small store in about 10 minutes.

If we were underwhelmed by the Victorinox experience, we did enjoy the stroll over to the lake, and if the air had been less hazy, I’m sure the view would have been even more spectacular.

IMG_9143 IMG_9144


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