Breakfast at Manora

Here is the best breakfast deal in town, and it only took us 7 months to try it. Manor, the department store, has a restaurant called Manora on the 5th floor (6th floor to Americans). There might be an elevator lift in the building, but we just head for the escalators and ride up, then up, and up, etc.

For 6 CHF you choose 6 items from the buffet and also a hot drink. Granted, the individual items are small (two pats of butter count as one item, if that gives you an idea), but there are plenty of choices. IMG_9074 As you can see, I got two pieces of bacon, a thick slice of cheese, a little container of Bircher Müsli, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and a croissant (called a gipfel and sadly cut out of the photo by accident). Not only did we each get a cappuccino, but it was decaf! (Although not quite as good as the one in the Milan train station….) I only wish that Manora was open on Sunday mornings.


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