We are getting a little more adventurous about eating out in Zürich. We still eat at home for a vast majority of the time, mostly because we have not found a restaurant that we really like. (Of course, if we don’t go out, it’s hard to find a restaurant….)

For a while we thought we would try Hiltl – the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Then we settled on Tibits, a restaurant associated with Hiltl.

Bingo. We finally found food in a Swiss restaurant that really tastes delicious. So delicious that we didn’t mind spending money for it.

IMG_4934Like Hiltl, there is a buffet.


After filling your plate, you take it to the counter to be weighed, and there you can order drinks, pay, and find a place to sit. On a Sunday afternoon at 14.30, there were a few spots open, but the place was really hopping.

IMG_4932My plate of food (in the foreground) was 365 grams. H’s plate was over 400 g. We split the beer (Bio-Beer Vom Fass – Organic Beer on tap). My plate had a samosa (very delicious – next time I will take two or three), curry, hummus, a calzone, rice and veggies. And some fried things that I don’t know. H had other kinds of curry and jalapeño poppers (also very delicious – I had one). Everything had such great flavor, and the ambiance was hip. As people here would say, it was all Tip Top.


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