Migros Take-Away Coffee

OIMG_4688ne of our traditions, before we get on a train, is to get a cup of coffee from the Migros in ShopVille. For six months we’ve been ordering a cappuccino at the counter, and finally H got it into his head to ask if there was decaf. The woman said she couldn’t make one, but that if he went to the other (bigger) machine on the other side of the store, they would be able to do that.

Huh. Why didn’t we think to ask about 6 months ago? Of course, the next time H ordered a Koffeinfrei at the correct machine, the woman operating it seemed quite confused and he thinks it was caffeinated. Lesson: One must be at the right machine with the right operator.

That being said, we are pleased to find that more places do, indeed, have decaf coffee than we previously thought.


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