Little Free Library

At home I blogged a number of times about Little Free Libraries. The idea is simple. Have a place where people can swap books. I’ve swapped books at Book Club, in various small hotels in Central America, and at a few of the Little Free Libraries in Claremont.

If you go to the “official” website and look at the map, you see that there is only one listed in Switzerland, and that’s in Locarno. A long way to go from Zürich to see if there are any books you might want to take.

Less official, but much closer are the shelves in the American Women’s Club which have many, many books for the taking/swapping. I have taken some books, returned them, and I will probably leave a few on my way out of the country.

IMG_4891 IMG_4892


2 thoughts on “Little Free Library

  1. Hallo! There is now a second registered Little Free Library in Cadenazzo, Ticino. It’s on Facebook “Little free Library Il daino”

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