Local Elections

In Zürich the election for Cantonal representation are coming up on April 12, so for the past two weeks or so we have actually gotten post in the mailbox. If you live in our neighborhood and are eligible to vote, you choose a slate from a party (of which Switzerland has at least 17 major parties) for Kreis 7 and 8. If you like the SP, then vote for List 2. If you are a GLP, then it’s List 5 for you.


Here are some of the slogans from the mail we’ve gotten.

SVP (Swiss People’s Party – Right-wing, National Conservatism): Stability and Security. Lower rents instead of increasing immigration. Stop vandalism. No social abuse. Jobs instead of bureaucracy.

SP (Social Democratic – Left-wing, social democracy): Chose SP: For more justice, compensation, and cohesion. Affordable rent. For all instead of a few.

FDP (The Liberals – Centre-right, Classical Liberalism): With Passion and Vision, a viable business location with innovative companies that create attractive jobs, less bureaucracy and regulations for the industry, affordable childcare by less regulation of private providers, excellent universities and cutting-edge medicine in Zurich.

GPS (Green Party of Switzerland – Left-wing, Green Politics): Fair rent, Better living instead of urban sprawl, renewable energy instead of fossil dependency, better to view nature than concrete, better living together instead of exclusion.

GLP (Green Liberal Party – Centrism, Green Liberalism): For education that promotes life skills, teamwork and knowledge, for an innovative and ecological economy, good economic development does not stop at the border, environmental politics with future perspective for everyone.

Then there’s this one – a favorite of mine. “Hello valued neighbor, I am working for you in the Canton!” I wonder if he takes his dogs to work.



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