Bottle Deposit

A week ago we dropped into Drinks of the World and purchased a bottle of Appenzeller Bier. We haven’t yet been to Appenzell, but we’ve tasted cheese from there. The beer would probably be good, too (it was).


H had carefully selected the coinage he needed to pay for it (remember VAT is included in the price – easy to figure out!), but was surprised when he came up 50 Rappen short. After  a bit it occurred to us that there was a deposit on the bottle. Indeed, on the label was the description of Depot 50 R.

(Later that day at the Coop we saw someone else buy the same beer at a much lower price – even with the deposit. Good-bye Drinks of the World….)

When it came time to get our deposit back, we thought we would try the Coop since we knew they sold that kind of beer. At the recycling station we ran into this machine which looked suspiciously like what we were looking for. After a minute of trying to scan the barcode, we set the bottle down on the rollers. Like magic, the barcode was scanned, the bottle dropped below and a little receipt popped out. No tiny little 50 Rappen coin to deal with! We put that refund towards our Coop purchase of….chocolate croissants, otherwise known here as Schoggi Gipfel.



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