Läderach Chocolate

It’s Good Friday, and that means that the stores are closed today. They will be closed on Easter (as they usually are on Sundays) and also Ostermontag (Easter Monday). We have to make sure to do our grocery shopping tomorrow (although the grocery stores at the HB and airport are open if we really need something).

A few months ago we decided to try some of the chocolate bark at Läderach. We kept seeing this in their windows…

IMG_4676 IMG_4677

It is some of the very best chocolate that I have ever had (Lynn had to take some home with her from here – we hooked her on it when she was here).

Now we like to buy some once every week or two, while we have the chance. With the bark we usually ask for 100 g (6.90 CHF), and somehow, it always comes out a little more than 100 g, and we usually don’t mind. At all. We are stocked up for the Easter weekend…


2 thoughts on “Läderach Chocolate

  1. Thank you for today’s blog! You might have to do a taste test between this and Tuescher.

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