Murray Perahia at the Tonhalle

IMG_5147Now we know why there were some very low-priced seats for the Murray Perahia piano recital at the Zürich Tonhalle. Even though the balcony has only six rows on the sides, the last two rows have an absolutely fabulous view of the ceiling as well as the top of the organ. Even if the two huge pillars weren’t there, one cannot see the stage anyway unless one stands.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to see in order to hear a concert, so we took our seats for most of the concert and admired the Baroque architecture of the upper half of the hall.

Because we did not want to spring the 5 CHF for the program, H whipped out his phone (at intermission) and found out exactly which Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Franck and Chopin Mr. Perahia was playing (all from memory). The woman sitting next to us inquired as to what was on the program, indicating to me that I should ask what part of the US she was from.

Turns out that she is from near Boston, working at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. We know someone who used to be there, and it turns out, she knows him, too. I think the world must be down to five degrees of separation.


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