Roman Ruins – Augusta Raurica

Okay, glampers – all together now…. “Those Romans….They were everywhere!”

Here at Augusta Raurica, the Rhein River the Roman Empire reached its northern boundaries, pushing up against the Germanic tribes around 300 AD. Many ruins from this Roman city (now in Kaiseraugst) sit side-by-side with the current town buildings. This city wall abuts a local school.


It was our lucky day since the northern section of the Roman settlement lies in Aargau, a canton we have gone through on the train many times, but have never set foot in before. Also in this northern section are some preserved Roman baths and one of the oldest churches in Switzerland. It’s now a Catholic church, St. Gallus, and we spent a little while watching the stork on the top of the building in its huge nest.

Roman Baths


View of the Rhein River from the Roman Baths


The other part of our lucky day was to add the canton Basel-Landschaft with the southern section of Roman ruins. This part of the settlement was the main part with a huge amphitheater, forum, well-house, and more.

While we were there, we watched some local activity where kids were running relays and throwing eggs into baskets of straw. Most of them made it in, but we saw one splat.



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