Comparing Swiss Chocolate

A few weeks ago I wrote about our favorite Swiss chocolate – Läderach. My friend and blog reader, Karen, suggested that we needed to do a comparison taste test with her favorite chocolate – Teuscher. How could we not accept this challenge?

We’d seen the stores in the city center. You cannot miss them with their over-the-top decorations. Just before Sechseläuten they had many chocolate Bööggs in their shops.

We decided to go with some of the chocolate bars – a dark chocolate with almonds, and a milk chocolate with coffee. If I thought that Läderach was expensive, this one was even moreso. A 50 g bar costs 5.50 CHF, almost twice as expensive as most other chocolate here. In Switzerland, that’s saying something.


Now, this is good chocolate, but for us, it didn’t come close to Läderach. Sorry, Karen.

We also recently tried a Cailler dark chocolate bar. It came in at 3.20 CHF for 100 g. Cailler is supposedly the oldest brand of chocolate in the world, started in Vevey, Switzerland. In 1929 Cailler became part of Nestlé, also a Swiss company (did you know that?).


Again, this is good chocolate, but not our favorite. We’ve also had Sprüngli and Honold chocolates which rank up there, probably just under Läderach. It’s probably time to revisit those ones. Oh, the dilemmas of glamping in Switzerland!


4 thoughts on “Comparing Swiss Chocolate

  1. I agree, Läderach chocolate is the best. Camille Bloch and Cailler are my second favourites.

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