Ode to the Dandelion

You know how everything is supposed to be neat and tidy in Switzerland? Well, apparently that doesn’t count dandelions. I first noticed some along our street. That didn’t seem very Swiss to me.

Then when we were in Germany last weekend, I noticed that there were Fields of dandelions. In fact, every patch of grass seemed to embrace the yellow flower which was living a peaceful coexistence with the grass and other flowers.


What’s up with all these weeds? So I did a little digging (on the internet) and found this great blog post which goes into more detail about the Taraxacum officinale. 

It’s true, the idea of a manicured lawn does not seem at all important here. Here are some examples from our neighborhood.

IMG_5287 IMG_5289 IMG_5291

So, I’m not actually going to write a poem to the dandelion (of which I am quite allergic), but maybe I can take a lesson from the Swiss and Germans and not stress about them at home.


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