Cardboard Recycling (A Very Exciting Topic)

Entire pamphlets and websites have been written about trash and recycling in Switzerland. I know that there have been entire blog posts about it, too. Today’s glamping post focuses on cardboard.

I had read that one is supposed to very carefully flatten cardboard boxes and tie them up, most of my cardboard is not this kind of box. For months now, I have been throwing our food boxes, egg cartons, tp rolls, kleenex boxes on our stairway that goes up to our attic (where we never go) and closing the door on the whole caboodle.


An appropriate way of preparing cardboard for pick-up.

I did not want to end up like Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout. After looking at how my neighbors handle their unusual cardboard, I decided to try flattening everything as best I could and putting it into a paper bag.

Here is what eight months of cardboard looks like:


The only problem was that we did not get it out to the street early enough in the morning, so we have to wait another month for the next cardboard pick-up day.

It also took me a while to notice the little signs on the yogurt containers. They very carefully tell you that the Becher/Pot (Plastic part) goes into the trash can, while the Karton can be recycled. Now every day after lunch, we dutifully remove the cardboard shell from the flimsy plastic pot and dispose of each in the proper, Swiss fashion.


IMG_5242 IMG_5243


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