Watching Current American TV Shows

Netflix has recently come to Switzerland. We gave up Netflix at home a few years ago (for a variety of reasons) and have not had the desire to reenroll. I’ve read that their selection of streaming movies and tv is not terribly high here in der Schweiz, either.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.32.57 PMOne law I found out about is that it is not illegal to watch any uploaded content on the internet in Switzerland. It is, however, illegal to upload copyrighted content. This is how we have been able to keep up with our favorite shows and to find new shows to watch, too.

One show that we’ve started watching while here is called The Americans, about Soviet spies in the US during the Cold War. Recently I read this article from the WSJ Expat Blog called 10 Lessons for Expats from the FX Series The Americans. Although some of the lessons don’t apply to me, I thought that it was a fun read.


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