Switzerland and the EU

IMG_5344Occasionally I notice an EU flag hanging somewhere in Switzerland. The first time I remember seeing one was in Geneva. Well, Glampers, Switzerland is NOT part of the EU, thank you very much. Even though it is completely surrounded by the European Union, it remains stubbornly firmly independent.

Flags go up, flags come down around Zurich, and last week I noticed EU flags on the Kantonal Polezi building (of Giocometti decoration fame) waving between the Zürich and Swiss flags. Then I saw some on other buildings downtown, and for one day, these three flags were fluttering atop the Züri trams.

What’s with this, I asked myself. Then I asked Swiss people who would surely know. They didn’t. “What EU flags? Where?” they asked me. Then they shrugged their shoulders and changed topics. Even my go-to English Forum did not have an answer for me.

So, if anyone can enlighten me, I would be forever more knowledgable, at least in this matter.

* * *

Thanks to my friend, I now know that it was Europe Day.


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