Carrots on the Walls

Carrots in English. Karotte in German. Rüebli in Swiss German.

In November I read a report that carrot street art had been appearing “all over” various places in Zürich as well as Oerlikon (home of the Freitag Factory). I have not seen very many (which goes to show that I tread the same paths over and over), but there was one that I would always see from the tram window on the way to orchestra. I swore that I would get off the tram one day and get a picture of it. I finally got around to it.


Here is one that we see at the HB when we are walking to the Thai grocery store.

IMG_4546This English Forum thread led me to the article in the NZZ which speculates what these carrots mean (if anything). The theory that I like is that the “artist” is from the canton Aargau (supposedly the New Jersey of Switzerland) because Aargau is the Rüebli canton).

Whatever the case, the bright orange livens up gray walls.


3 thoughts on “Carrots on the Walls

  1. What is the little arched doorway under the carrot in the first photo? Is that a mouse hole or cat door?

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