Modern Art in Rome

In a city like Rome, where ancient and Renaissance art abound, IMG_5526there is also a modern art museum. Maybe if I had taken an early art history class in college I would be more interested in the art before 1850, but I never seem to grow tired of visiting modern art museums.

The National Gallery of Modern Art sits on the opposite side of the park from the Borghese Gallery, about a 55 minute walk from our flat. Art and exercise in one morning outing with some gelato later on – a good day. When I rounded the corner and looked down on the museum façade, this is what I saw – a grand building that looks as though it might hold older art, except for the large circular sculpture on the left.

Among many paintings and sculptures by lesser-known (meaning I had not heard of them) Italian artists, I enjoyed seeing unfamiliar works by familiar painters. Apparently in this museum they are not very concerned with people touching the art as there were very few guards keeping out their eagle eye. In some rooms a guard was working on a computer in the corner of the room, but nowhere was I made to feel like a potential criminal. Points to the National Gallery. (And no, I did not touch any of the art. Of course not.)

I particularly liked how these statues (old-style, but with all body parts still in place and gleaming white) surrounding Hercules stood out against the dark blue walls. One of my pet peeves in museums is that sometimes the art is difficult to see because it sits behind glaring glass, or the light is not right.

Here is a new-to-me Klimt that took a prominent place in one of the rooms.

More of my favorite works from this gallery:

The other curious thing about this particular museum is that the book/gift shop was tucked away in the back of the building, and I could not figure out how to get to the café. I could see the little tables where people might enjoy a cappuccino, but the doors that led to them proclaimed to be emergency exits only.


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