Cemeteries in Cinque Terre

It’s about time for another cemetery post, not because of IMG_0544the final resting place of anyone famous, but for the actual graveyards.

During Napoleonic rule, he declared that it was unsanitary to have a cemetery in town, so now, those who have passed on in the Cinque Terre have garnered the best real estate – on the hills overlooking the Mediterranean. While each town has its own cemetery, we visited just two.

One gets four choices of places to park your remains. A graveyard, a condo, a mini bone-niche, and a communal bone niche. Because of limited space, there is also a time-limit with older graves being grandfathered in for perpetuity. After a generation or so, everyone else goes in the communal ossuary.

Many of the graves have photos of their inhabitants. Here are a few of my favorites.

The cemetery in Monterosso occupies a former castle which includes a place for the defenders to pour boiling oil over their attackers at the gate. Don’t look up!



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