Visiting in Zürich

IMG_5627Over a year ago we discussed plans to have our children visit us in Europe. We asked what the best time would be, and what country/countries they might like to see. We made plans, ordered plane tickets, and then waited. It seems hardly possible, but the time is finally here for oldest daughter and son-in-law to arrive in Switzerland!

First stop, Zürich, mostly to have a place to recover from jetlag, but also to show off the city that has become our second home. I love any excuse to wander the Old Town, the Niederdorf and to walk along the lake. As we were walking, I noticed details on buildings I had never before seen.

Umbrella Factory?

Umbrella Factory?

It’s also fun to see what people notice about life in Europe that we have grown accustomed to, and our kids are amazed at how we cross streets at zebra crossings, just walking out in front of cars and knowing that they will slow down (and stop) for pedestrians.

The beauty of the paper money has been noted. The fact that many doors open automatically is fun. The particular style of fixtures, keys, and toilets have been seen.

One must-do for many Zürich visitors is to take the Panorama Trail on Uetliberg. We haven’t been on that hike since the first week we were in Zürich, so it was time to return. With all the rain we’ve been having, it was very green. The views were a little cloudy, but did not dampen our spirits.


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